we did
First standalone KITH Treats bar
– Carrara and Verde Paradiso marble floor
– Circular bar made with quartzite mosaic of Rosa Portugalo and Azul marble
– Countertop structure and top in Carrara marble
– All parts and display niches in stainless steel

Ground Floor
– Italian Pearly Royal, Rosa Perlino and Verde Antigua marble floor
– Floor installation design followed the central oval structure separating menswear from womenswear
– The oval structure made of iron is anchored from floor to ceiling and cladded with white Carrara marble
– The iron oval structure is anchored from floor to ceiling
– All the niches covered in Italian natural oak
– Natural brass for aesthetic details and clothes rails
– Dressing room area, walls and ceiling, made of wooden boiserie
– The point of sale area produced with still and wood or the arches
– The structure of points of sale cladded in Pearly Royal

2nd Floor
– Expansive circular shoe room
– Travertine marble floor
– Point of Sale area and bookcases cladded in Travertine
– Display shelves on one side encased in curved glass walls
– Walls made of corrugated wood covered in fabric

Sadelle restaurant at KITH
– Customized wooden boiserie frame embellished for pieces of art
– Green upholstered perimeter bench
– Verde Paradiso marble counter
– Carrara marble countertop


Design District, Miami

Porto Architecture

general contractor

Above the jewelry display was made of extra white Carrara marble from the same stone blocks used for the walls. The challenge was the curved walls in particular of the drawers.

The central area on the second floor Women's apparel is made entirely of extra white carrara marble with wavy panels.

The accessories department, located on the ground floor to the right of the entrance, is conceived as a living room environment conducive to shopping. We produced all the wood paneling and bookcases.

A view of KITH first permanent standalone Kith Treats outpost, located directly across the street from the Kith’s retail location, at 84 NE 41st Street.
The 1,000-square-foot space boasts a circular bar of Rosa Portugalo marble with Carrara marble barstools and stainless-steel accents.

A view of the First standalone KITH Treats bar. We made the Carrara and Verde Paradiso marble floor. The Circular bar is built with a quartzite mosaic of Rosa Portugalo and Azul marble. The benches are made from bleached oak wood and fabric.

The carrara marble stools were carved from solid blocks machined one by one on a lathe. Inside is a fully customized mechanical system that allows the seat to raise or lower as needed. This is completed with round cushions of different shades that resemble ice cream.